LINNETTE is the creation of Miami-based Linnette Leon-Vega. Influenced by her Cuban and Dominican heritage, Leon-Vega’s beginnings in the rough-and-tumble world of fashion began in an organic manner. Shattered by her mother Lourdes’ multiple sclerosis diagnosis during her last semester of college, Leon-Vega fired up her sewing machine to decompress and disconnect. Much to Linnette’s utter surprise, she found herself passionately designing handbags and drawing inspiration from her grandmother Silvia and sister Alexa who are the muses of her debut collection, La Genesi.
The rest is history.

While the choice to not follow in the footsteps of her family’s prolific business in healthcare did not come easy, Leon-Vega decided to carve out her own path through her eye-catching creations via LINNETTE. Each collection is inspired by Leon-Vega’s rich ancestorial history and obsession for ageless elegance.

Each LINNETTE piece is designed in Leon-Vega’s Miami atelier and handmade in Italy with a sustainable approach. Utilizing only the finest ethically sourced materials, each accessory is replete with a painstaking eye for detail and masterful construction. LINNETTE aspires to create closet staples and pieces you will constantly reach for while remaining relevant year after year making the brand viable for our planet.

LINNETTE’s sustainable spirit shares a quality-over-quantity, less-is-more, and never-made-in-bulk approach. As a Gen Z designer, LINNETTE is changing the narrative in a fast-fashion cosmos. Through polished styles and a nod to Leon-Vega’s legacy, LINNETTE believes anyone can create their own beautiful destiny and hold it in the palm of their hands. Quite literally.