Overcoming Adversity in the Fashion Industry

OCT 2022, ISSUE #2

In the month of August, I was taught the most valuable lesson in regard to conducting business in another country. In theory, any credited and experienced manufacturer should be able to produce high-quality products. Originally, we planned on working with a US-based manufacturing company; however, when we resumed discussions about working together, I was told they moved all leather production to China. In order to ensure our pieces are designed by the best, I began looking for manufacturers in Europe and found one in Ubrique, Spain. A highly credited and experienced company, I was sure the pieces would turn out beautiful. There were only two aspects to this business relationship I did not expect: disrespect and untrustworthiness.

LINNETTE shows a designer handbag in white

As a 22-year-old woman new to the fashion industry, I knew there would be many challenges I would face regarding selling luxury goods alongside many other well-known brands. The one challenge I didn't anticipate was a lack of respect from those working with me. The Spanish team would laugh at deadlines I would give and question my fabric choices as if I hadn't given them any prior thought. My brand, as was voiced to me, was their last priority, as other prominent brands' production came before my own. Our business relationship ended once I received an email from the team notifying me that they could not continue with my collection until May of next year, In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise. I learned that in order to succeed, I must have mutual respect and trust in my team and trust in myself as a designer. As I see how the brand continues progressing with a knowledgeable and trustworthy manufacturing team in Italy and a hardworking and loyal marketing team in Miami, I am positive you will love LINNETTE as much as we do.

LINNETTE shows an image of herself with a designer handbag

As many of you continue to follow our progress via Instagram and newsletters, I am incredibly grateful for your unwavering support and excitement. My team and I work daily to ensure the pieces are made in an ethical and sustainable manner by the best craftsmen in Italy. Your support motivates us to work harder in the face of adversity to share the stunning pieces with you all very soon.

Our first collection has been in the works for some time, and I cannot wait to pair each style and color type with any of my outfits. The sleek and versatile design allows you to elevate any look with any style or color type. We will post sneak peeks and teasers on our Instagram, so follow us for more behind-the-scenes previews.

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