LINNETTE shows a display of its handbag collections
Jun 12, 2023
La Collezione Genesi
Our story begins with LINNETTE Designer Linnette Leon Vega’s grandmother and muse, Silvia Nunez, in Havana, Cuba during the tumultuous 1960s.
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LINNETTE an image shows a white designer handbag with two buckles
Nov 13, 2022
Fashion Trends We Predict Will Take Over Your Instagram Feed
Even for those who don't follow what is currently "trending," it is inevitable to stumble upon them while looking through any social media platform. 
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A picture of LINNETTE the designer when she was young
Oct 14, 2022
Overcoming Adversity in the Fashion Industry
In the month of August, I was taught the most valuable lesson in regard to conducting business in another country. 
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